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Celtic Rock band with bagpipes.

Wight Hot Pipes is a unique blend of cover music with a  Celtic twist of bagpipes.     

Raw vocal talent and a foot stomping band with a true difference.

Audiences are gobsmacked with  Wight Hot Pipes and their unique blend of genres.  

 Musical arrangements of outstanding quality, and  professionalism.  

From funky Amazing Grace  to  Queen's 'We Will Rock You'.  

From Highland Cathedral to Status Quo’s 'Rockin’ All Over the World'.  

Avicii and Snow Patrol and many more favourites arranged in the eclectic style of Wight Hot Pipes. 

You will want to get up and dance!

Wight Hot Pipes is an ideal band for indoor or outdoor events whether corporate or private and will provide a unique and unforgettable show, to bring the house down.    

Wight Hot Pipe’s ethos is to present modern musical pieces in a new and exciting Celtic rock genre and to entertain with contemporary arrangements of traditional and modern music. 

The artists perform to a high standard  achieving a great audience impact and creative entertainment, which is a feast for the eyes and ears.