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From USA to Europe, this internationally acclaimed group is to be found based on the Isle of Wight.  The band prides itself on providing a unique show to suit all events.   

A musical and visual display that takes you on a journey from traditional Celtic music all the way through to the most contemporary dance and rock music of the day.  

An eclectic mix of musical genres that provides the most exciting and mesmerizing show and with amazing entertainment value and energy.
Wight Hot Pipes is led by the Isle of Wight bagpiper  Kieron Cooney and supported by the stunning vocalist Tori Blain.  

The band is complete with keyboards, drums and guitars creating a 6 piece band of unique spectrum and qualities.  

The diversity of music is reflected in the stylish array of dress which falls between the Celts and gothic dress. 
On stage at the BBKing Club along Broadway for the Tartan Day annual event in  New York this year the band is highly acclaimed and in demand.  Wight Hot Pipes is a corporate band providing evening gala dance shows such as at the Gala dinner at The Royal Hall in Harrogate for the Annual conference of the Royal College of General Practitioners.  Also featured at the Medina Tattoo concerts, Highland gathering events, including one in France, and they have performed two consecutive years at the Isle of Wight rock Festival.
This is a band that hides its secret appeal, and then explode with a unique and erotic style of music that will have a lasting impression on the eyes and ears and provide an unforgettable night of entertainment for any occasion.