Bagpipes with Attitude - Testimonials
Bagpipes with Attitude -                              WIGHT HOT PIPES

From Robert Ford 
Organiser of Wessex Folk Festival

What can I say about the Wight Hot Pipes? Quite simply they brought a huge smile to everyone's face with their performance on the Main Stage at this years Wessex Folk Festival was one of the highlights of the festival. 

Of course you can hear them from a long distance away, but that would not do justice to what are a great band of musicians. 

Their performance was one of the highlights of the festival and they had the crowd on their feet wanting more from their very first number to the last. 

This was a real treat by a tight unit who know how to play their instruments and work an audience.

 If you get the chance go see the band as it is well worth it.

From Donna Jones  MBE   
Medina Tattoo  November 2017

MEDINA TATTOO- 2017. Who would have thought i would be ecstatic over a performance of bag pipes played by such a mix of ages? -but i was!!!!
The Wight Hot Pipes certainly know how to rock it-with a capital R. Traditional meets kilts, leather, velvet, hanging chain mail, top hats-all worn with a splash of sexiness.  
Devil red and charcoal black were certainly the colours of the night, emphasised by the Blooodstones morris dancers
The Wight Hot Pipes really know how to play their instruments to bring a crowd to their feet. It was a full house for Karen and Vicky who never fail to raise the energy levels on the dance floor. No sitting quiet and polite in this auditorium. They were all up to 'Mama Mia'- even the Wight Diamond's marching band in their smart, classic uniforms danced along.
The beauty of the event was the mix of 'Golden Years', middle agers and all the way to tiny tots performing and in the audience rockin' along.
Statuesque standard bearers never fail to bring a lump to my throat. My father served in the 2nd WW in Italy & spent his 19th birthday in a barn. Today made us remember why we must NEVER FORGET, especially with the poignant video stills of soldiers carrying their wounded compatriots through sludge and slaughter.
Those who should be protecting us and negotiating for peace are acting more like school boy bullies. Those threatening wars will not be on the frontline- more the shame.
The sensational joint performance of 'You raise me up' brought everyone together; young and old, uniformed and eclectic.
I hope lots of money was raised for the island's CHALLENGE & ADVENTURE CHARITY.